Training Techniques (like the OUT!) that are broken down into understandable pieces so that you can re-create the lessons at home.

Watch “normal” dogs (not professionally trained!) and average handlers sorting through training issues and problem solving.

Comparison and contrast of right and wrong so that you can learn the difference between correct and incorrect training.

Interviews with Guest Experts from around the world like judges, vets, breeders, top helpers, and trainers so you learn “other” approaches to help your dog.

And much, much more!

“Our family spends a lot of time at your dog club.  My grandkids are learning how to correctly train dogs.”
Joe B.


I learned early on that there was a tremendous need for high quality training at an affordable price.  How did I know? I was floundering around in that situation 30 years ago.

Because I had very little access to hands on training, I did the best I could to educate myself.  I was so excited every time I got to work with a top notch trainer. Overnight I would have a whole handful of new training skills.

My point is that even though being self taught was not the ideal situation, I was still able to progress and become very successful at Schutzhund, albeit with a bit of trial and error.

Many years later, I started teaching and then traveling to do clinics.  No matter where I went in the country, dog owners told me there wasn’t anyone “good” in the area. I thought “How can that be?”

“Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into me and my Dobermans and German Shepherds.  We’ve had more fun than we ever expected to have!”
Dan B.

In the beginning, I’d go back to certain areas on a regular basis. I’d give my students “homework”, and when I returned, I’d see real progress. I saw many dogs and handlers develop through the levels this way, and it was very rewarding.

This system worked pretty well for a while.  But then I got really busy with my own dogs and being training director of my own Club.   If I was going to travel I wanted to go compete myself.  It was becoming harder to get back to work with people very often.


PLUS, the site would give people all over the world personal access to my input without either one of us having the expense and inconvenience of traveling. How cool is that?

Here’s a Sneak Peak of Some of the Videos You’ll Find on Top Schutzhund Training…

A sample video on Beginning Tracking

A sample video on Dumbbell Retrieve

A sample video on Superior Bite Work


Mark shares his extensive knowledge about dogs and the art of Schutzhund with a concern always for the safety of the dog.  He is the most fair and knowledgeable trainer I know.  It is very inspiring that his personal connection, his drive and his love for the dogs comes across – no matter what the medium.  Yes, he is the “Dog Jaw” and the nicest and most competent trainer you could have the good fortune to know.  Mary K.  Pueblo, CO

As a GSD owner and Schutzhund enthusiast living in remote Alaska, I never would have made any progress training my dog without Mark’s summer clinics.  I have a strong German Shepherd dog and I use Mark’s training videos almost every day to help me keep one step ahead of my dog.  The techniques in his videos work wonders for my relationship with my dog.  Ali D. Anchorage , AK

As a Doberman owner with limited access to regular instruction, I find the video’s, audios and instruction books to be worth every penny spent. My dog has totally changed his attitude, is more responsive and calm than he has ever been before. Mark has been able to address the issues I have struggled with for 10 years. I feel as if he has seen me and my dog and made this program for us. He has taught me to break training down into pieces and how to put them back together.  I’m very happy and grateful. Jane P.  Naperville, IL

Every week when I get Mark’s new training videos I’m torn because I can’t wait to go try the techniques with my dog and I want to watch the video over and over again.  Great, great delivery of extremely important information. Matt M.  Duluth, MN

I have had many trainers & was very confused over the use of the corrections. I had no idea what I was doing (my poor dog) no wonder she would run away from me and then ignore me. Today we were training & a friend said, “Who have you been training with? You are working so much calmer & with more control.”  Caroline L.  Las Vegas, NV

Here’s What You’ll Find On Top Schutzhund Training’s Weekly VIP Club:

  • Training videos of actual sessions with “real” dogs and handlers
  • Bonus videos of me competing and lecturing
  • Audios on specific training techniques
  • Solutions for solving common training problems
  • Detailed critiques of your photos or home training videos. It’s like having a one-on-one training session with me!
  • Expert interviews with working dog and Schutzhund experts from around the world
  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced training for tracking, obedience and protection
  • Detailed advice for preparing for trials and titles
  • Up to the minute reports on the most recent changes and updates to our sport

But Top Schutzhund Training’s Weekly VIP Club Might Not Be for You If…

  • You’re “in training” with a professional who has a watchful eye on you several days a week
  • You’re not confused about any Schutzhund terms, concepts or techniques
  • Your dog never offers any resistance that you can’t work through easily
  • You’re earning scores in the mid-80’s or above consistently at Trials
  • You rarely experience lack of self-confidence, frustration or fear
  • You’ve trained several dogs up through the levels so you feel confident that you clearly know the path to develop your dog

I KNOW you’ll find so much valuable information on the site that you’ll probably think it’s worth at least the cost of a private training session…and depending on where you live that session could cost you anywhere from $40 to a whopping $150!

Because I know how EXPENSIVE it can be to get consistent, high quality training on a regular basis, I want to make this information available to EVERYONE.

So I’m offering 24/7 access to my weekly video training Club for just $19.97 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just let us know.

To get immediate access to the site, Click Here To Join

The only remaining question is…Do you really want to join my Weekly Video Training Club…AND will you invest in yourself and your dog today?

Yes Mark.
I Want To Join Top Schutzhund Training’s Weekly Video Training Club Today For Just $19.97

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