Schutzhund Training | It’s Just Not Attack Training

Schutzhund training isn’t attack training. The protection routine starts with the k-9 heeling properly against your left lower-leg. You move down to the top of the field and with the instruction “Revere”, your dog runs to the blind to find the helper, the person sporting the suit and also sleeve. Your dog will have to search several such blinds until he reaches the sixth blind. Consider this point — it takes a huge amount of obedience for your dog to search these blinds and come to you right after each blind waiting for the up coming order because dogs are generally not stupid. They know that in the event I send them to one blind that the helper will have to be at the final blind. So it is a tremendous temptation to be able to just run to the last blind and find the helper. Done properly, the search may exclusively be carried out at the order from the trainer.

Next, when the dog locates the helper he or she can-not just jump up and bite them. He or she must remain before the helper and start barking…absolutely nothing more. And bites in the blind usually are penalized greatly. The handler then calls the canine to his or her side and places the dog on the down position and calls the helper out from the blind. The helper places his hands way up and the handler goes over to him and checks to get firearms. Your dog will have to stay in the down position. The handler after that returns in direction of the blind, away from sight of the dog and the helper tries to escape. At this moment your canine rises into motion.

He really should calmly, firmly bite upon the sleeve thoroughly and prevent the helper from sprinting away. The helper after that can stop and the handler calls their dog, “Out”. The dog should right away come away from the sleeve and continue the sit and bark job. The helper attacks the dog, the dog can react immediately, bite the sleeve and maintain whilst 2 stick hits are sent to the backside of your canine to check out his will. When the helper stops, the canine will have to just as before stop biting the sleeve, and sit and bark.

A courage test in the opposite test of the field is now performed in a very similar fashion to the initial section of the test with the dog no less than 50 yards away from the handler so his guts and obedience are analyzed at a distance from the handler. Once more, a great deal of obedience is required.  This is the reason schutzhund is such an important foundation for Police dog training.

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