Schutzhund Training | Imprinting, teaching, proofing.

schutzhund training

Imprinting, teaching, proofing.

The imprinting, teaching, proofing, is very simple. First I wanted to imprint the dog with what I’m going to teach it.

I’m personally not a big imprinter, so I don’t use a lot of food in my puppy training. I use it for tracking. But when I’m teaching or imprinting the dog, I’m going to show the dog what I want. If I was using food, I would be motioning it, bribing him into spots, so it knows how to sit.

Myself, I would make the dog sit with the leash in. Say “sit” and push down on his butt. Show it what I want. “I want you to sit.” And I do that a few times. “I want you to sit.” Then I’m going to get to the training stage. The training stage is making the dog sit. I’m not begging you sit anymore. I’m not asking you to sit. I’m going to make you sit.

Make you sit with slight correction ‑ whatever the dog needs to get him into sit. Once they sit, this is where if I had food, I would feed the dog. If I had my toy, I would play with the dog. If the dog has no food or play drive, I’d praise the dog lavishly.

Dogs can do quite well with lavish praise if they don’t like playing and eating. Personally, a lot of people, in my opinion, do too much imprinting with the puppies. They make the puppies too focused on themselves. I truly want my puppies dragging me out on the field with a bad guy, dragging me out to track him. I let my puppies be quite ruder than a lot of people do. My puppies don’t live in the house. There’s a big difference there. So I let them be fairly wild.

Then we get in the proofing stage of this. So now I’ve taught him how to sit. I’ve trained how to sit. He really will sit. Now I make it extremely difficult for him to sit ‑ whether it would be a dog barking, whether it would be other dogs around, people walking around, people throwing balls on the ground. Anything that you can think of to make the dog not want to work, I throw in.

And this is the proofing stage. Most people never get passed the training stage. But a lot of people never get past the imprinting stage. They stay bribing all their time. OK. Now, they’re definitely in the reward stage after my imprinting. OK? Once I’m training the dog, and then come reward. And once I’m proofing the dog, also, the reward comes out. I’m not holding the ball to make him sit, the ball’s put away. You sit, I give you the ball.

You sit anywhere I tell you to sit, not just beside me, not when I’m going to say it. When I’m in front of you, I’m behind you, I’m at the end of a 10‑foot leash, I’m anywhere I can, the dog’s on the back side, he can’t come towards me, and he learns to put his butt down quickly where I tell him.

The training of the dog is to…make the dog do what you want. And then, the proofing of the dog is to make sure that…He’ll do it anytime, anywhere, anyplace, without question.

That’s a good schutzhund training foundation. You can read even more at this schutzhund training Wiki article, if you are so inclined. Cheers.

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