Schutzhund training For The Donovan pinscher?

Schutzhund training for the Donovan pinscher?  What is a Donovan pinscher? From the DONOVAN PINSCHER OFFICIAL BREED STANDARD:
A) To truly understand this breed standard, one must know the history behind this breed existence. Welcome to the exciting new world of Donovan’s Pinscher! Never before in the history of the United States has there been an attempt to produce a true utilitarian K-9, a K-9 not only competitive with it’s inspirational European predecessors, but uniquely superior to them in several ways.  A dog of unique and varied talents;

  • the tenacity of the fighting dog…..
  • the power of the Molosser……
  • the trainability of the Herder……
  • speed, power, durability and talent……
  • a dog that could run, jump, climb and swim…..
  • a dog that could wrestle and twist like the great fighting dogs……
  • a dog with a quick mind and reflex who would retrieve naturally on land or in water……
  • a dog who had great responses to it’s handler, quick to learn and extremely eager……
  • a dog of power in mind and body, ferocious when challenged and formidable to behold……
  • a dog which could perform equally well in organized dog sports or life and death confrontation……
  • a dog that could stop your heart with it’s grace and passion or stop an intruder with explosive action……a turbo charged, fearless protection dog……with clownish sociability……who could out-do most any dog at any task, trick, or trade……The American Built Super Dog.  Engineered to meet the increasing demands of a changing world.

B) Due to the breeds intended purpose and natural proclivity to protect it should be judge at a distance. Although many specimens are approachable and sociable, it is not considered a fault not to be so.

“Due to the breeds intended purpose and natural proclivity to protect it should be judge at a distance….”

This dog was built to bite.

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