Schutzhund Training For A Happy Dog With A RELIABLE Work Ethic

Schutzhund training for both dog and handlers is a complex undertaking.   We all know that at the beginning of training we need to bribe a dog with treats or toys to get him into position.  We also need to reward dogs with good stuff for doing things right.  The goal is a happy, willing dog with a RELIABLE  work ethic that quickly executes tasks.

But that is only part of the picture…

Although, bribing and rewarding is a corner stone to proper training, it is NOT the exclusive method for top trainers.   Instead of smoke and mirrors and partial information, on THIS site, I will hold nothing back as I show you how I train my dogs and our club dogs for top competition.

Many trainers hide the use of compulsion and corrections and intimate that their training is purely encouragements and rewards.   What they show you isn’t wrong, the stuff they are showing you is correct, it is good training, it has a place and is a part of producing results…

…it’s just that that’s NOT all there is to it.

Toys & treats are a very important, needed to be used part of Schutzhund training, but the other CORNERSTONE is compulsion. That’s the part other trainers leave out, when they use “smoke & mirrors” to show how they train their dogs.

We’re going to show you what everybody else uses behind the scenes, and we’re NOT going to lie to you, like some of the others who only show you one part of what it takes to train for a Schutzhund competition. The stakes are just too high – our LOVE for German Shepherd training, the sport of Schutzhund and other working dogs is just too deep – for us to lie to you about how to train.

It’s so important to everything to realize that Schutzhund truly is Martial Arts For Dogs.  Schutzhund, like all martial arts, places a great deal of importance on developing mature, self-controlled students who use their abilities responsibly and demonstrate respect for all others.  The Schutzhund sport similarly integrates in a dog self-control, perseverance, integrity, responsibility and excellence through the dog’s lessons and exercises.  Does it get much better than that?

Schutzhund enhances discipline, critical thinking skills and creates better relationships with handlers and people.  It improves impulse control and builds character, through obtaining goals and objectives as a dog approaches a SchH 3.

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