Schutzhund Training | An Exciting And Serious Endeavor

Schutzhund training is an in depth, exciting, and serious endeavor. We sometimes say it’s not like it’s life or death…it’s even more important than that! There are many pieces to the puzzle of titling your dog and they all require practice, proofing and excellence. Here’s just a partial list of the skills and techniques you and your dog will need to master to earn a title, in no particular order.

The out, great rhythm, being reactive vs. active, fakes, double blinds, runaways, obedience for bites, strike, coming over the sleeve, dumbbell, dumbbell for bites, puppy circle, bark and hold, puppy tracking, article indication, problem solving, pole work, forced retrieve, fussing, protection, guarding, biting, recall, tracking, gun fire suredness, leash work, about turn, front, walking down…you get the picture. There’s a lot to it!

An easy way to get your head around all the work and training is to break it down to the components you’ll need to work on in each of the three phases. In the obedience phase, for example, you and your dog will need to focus on building the following skills.  Imprinting fast recall, sitting on post, sitting fuss, moving fuss, down on post, walking sit, about turn, front, walking down, and finish.

For the Tracking phase, you’ll need to focus on the scent pad, straight lines, curves and corners, minimizing tracking for food over time, and articles.  Protection requires many steps. Starting with the puppy circle, you move on to mastering the full, calm grip, barking, active vs. reactive, run aways, build up, guarding, out, blinds, and obedience for bites and for protection.  Learn more about the critical tasks you must work on HERE.

Schutzhund produce some of the most well trained, incredibly smart, dependable dogs in the whole world. Schutzhund truly is Martial Arts for dogs. The qualities of integrity, self-control, respect for authority, dicipline and excellence that make a martial artist great are the same qualities that make a schutzhund titled dog great. It is with passion and commitment that we, the dog owners and handlers, work with our dogs and our clubs to endeavor tho bring out the very best in our dogs.

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