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Schutzhund training is not like life or death…

it’s far more important than that!  Not really, but schutzhund training your dog requires practice, proofing and excellence. Here’s just a partial list of the skills you and your dog will need, in no particular order.

Schutzhund training requires mastering the out, proper barking rhythm, running the blinds, the run away, obedience, bites, the strike, dumbbell retrieve, puppy circle, bark and hold, article indication, problem solving, fuss, protection, guarding, grip, recall, tracking, gun fire sureness, leash work, about turn, front, walking down…you get the picture. There’s a lot to schutzhund training!

A way to get your head around the  schutzhund training work is to break down the pieces you’ll need in each of the three phases. In the obedience phase, for example, you and your dog will need to focus on building the following skills.  In no particular order,schutzhund training requires that you master fast recall, sit, sitting fuss, moving fuss, walking sit, about turn, front, walking down, and finish.

For schutzhund training tracking do this.

Focus on the scent pad, straight lines, curves and corners, minimizing food the track, and schutzhund training article indication.

Protection – start with the  schutzhund training puppy circle, master the full, calm, hard grip, deep barking,  run away, learn build up, guarding, out, blinds, and obedience in bites.

Schutzhund training is Martial Arts for dogs. The qualities of integrity, self-control, respect for authority, discipline and excellence are the qualities that make a schutzhund dog great. It’s our passion and commitment that bring out the very best in our dogs.

I love schutzhund training the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Malinois, and ALL high character working dogs!  Here’s how I’d like to see Schutzhund training evolve in the United States…

Just imagine. You arrive at a national schutzhund training event at USA’s new central headquarters. You walk into a club house. You notice that the main gathering areas are designed to welcome visitors from the US and all over the world.  A tour of the offices gives you the impression of order. You see USA staff members answering questions and helping people.  Schutzhund training lovers are everywhere!

You walk out the back.  To your right you see a large schutzhund training indoor-arena. You enter the building and are faced with tables prepared for the upcoming board meeting. The setup is designed to be converted to any type of group gathering such as banquets, seminars, or educational programs. A small room reveals podiums,  projection screens, and media equipment for all multi-media schutzhund training tasks.

A wide door leads you out to the open fields where the real schutzhund training excitement begins. You as you look into the distance and see two perfectly manicured training and exhibition fields complete with bleachers, lighting, and well defined features designed specifically for schutzhund training.

A large flag of the organization flies at the entrance decorating the space with the kind of festive atmosphere that says: “Welcome to the United Schutzhund Clubs of America”.  As you sit and take the whole new experience in you simply wonder how we could have done it all those years without a central location such as this.

Too ideal? Too much of a dream? A huge undertaking, but it can be done. We will need a lot of help and support from the membership, particularly from the Mid Western area where we think this facility should be located.

Perhaps you know of a property ideal for schutzhund training.. The location should be no less than 10 acres of even and level terrain. It must also be zoned for agricultural or industrial use. It should be located within one and a half hours of a decent airport and within 45 minutes of adequate hotels and other urban centers. If water and electricity are already in place it would be of great help.

For the love of schutzhund training!

schutzhund training

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