I learned early on that there was a tremendous need for high quality training at an affordable price. How did I know? Well, I’ve seen many people, myself included, floundering around in that boat.

Because I had very little access to hands on training, I did the best I could to educate myself. You can imagine how excited I was every time I got to work with a top notch trainer. My training would improve by 100% in one week! Overnight I would have a whole handful of new training skills.

My point is that even though being self taught was not the ideal situation, I was still able to progress and become relatively successful at Schutzhund Trials just by studying and a bit of trial and error.

Many years later, I started teaching and doing clinics. No matter where I went in the country, dog owners told me there wasn’t anyone “good” in the area. I thought “How can that be?” So here’s MY answer to that problem…


Beginning Tracking

This video shows you how to start your young dog or puppy tracking on the right foot! Imprint good skills from the beginning, for both you and your dog. Slow, precise deep nosed tracking can be very hard to achieve, but this video give you the tools to achieve it.

Article Indication

It is crucial to introduce the articles in a manner that maintains the dog's integrity to the track itself. Don't be one of the many disgruntled trackers who call me in a panic. With this video teach your dog proper article indication at the trial level.

Professional Tracking Journal

This journal is the exact tool that experts use to save time, get organized and get maximum results from tracking training. Benefits you can expect - great tracking dog, scores well at a trial, makes tracking more interesting.

More Tracking Training Coming Soon...


Beginning Obedience Basics

Real techniques to start your dog on the path to excellent obedience. Discussion on motivation and compulsion. Train yourself to make the proper corrections. Your proper timing is everything!

About Turns

Complete description and proven techniques guide you to the perfect about turn. Not only why but HOW! Your footwork should be perfected without your dog first. Here's the easiest way to do it. Don't be your dog's disability.

BH Trialing Video

Information on how to trial for the BH Routine. Detailed and informative diagrams and live VIDEO of the BH Routine. Proper handling techniques, keys to a great performance and tips to succeed.

Teaching The Voraus

There are many ways to teach a dog to do a correct voraus. The best method leads to a rewarding and fun exercise that builds drive and desire. This is a detailed eBook that discusses our training philosophy of how to produce excellence.


Grip Or Bite Explained

The gravity of the grip under the threat is explained. Without a full grip points are heavily taken off. Mark is known as a person that can put a grip on anything, the "grip monster". The GRIP is a critical , indicative factor of a dog's worth as a breeding dog.

Grip Work Part I
Video describes what an ideal grip looks like and how it is developed. Why do you need a great grip in IPO/Schutzhund? A very detailed program to make and maintain the FULL, CALM and HARD grip.

Grip Work Part II

RE-BITES. Video details the importance of teaching a dog to re-bite. Also, how to keep your dog from chewing. Whether it's helper error or just an accident a dog often can receive a shallow bite in a trail. Your dog needs the tools to readjust to a full grip.

Grip Work Part III

FAKES AND MISSES. How to use fakes or misses to teach the dog to maintain the best grip. Slow motion detail on how to perform a fake. Master how the helper and handler work together to achieve good results with the fake.

Grip Work Part IV

Step-by-step techniques on how to create and maintain a strong BITE after the initial GRIP. Keep your dog solid on the sleeve during the courage test! Also, keeping the bite strong through the threat and the escapes.

Creating A Monster

This video shows an incredible technique to keep your dog focused and strong in the bark and hold. Jealousy and the "monkey see, monkey do" theory are used to create strong guarding.

Two Step Out

This two part series is a FANTASTIC and rare opportunity to see a never before seen theory on creating a reliable no-conflict out. Be the only one in your area with a two-step out (enough said).

The Stab Instead Of The Bungee

How should a great helper "move" so that the dog can target the sleeve? If you have long bite or courage test problems this is the answer (if done properly). Help your dog have the best test possible. Handles the problem of the dog coming off the sleeve on the courage test.

Opposition In Guarding

One of many exercises to use to create a good bark & hold. This method teaches the dog to be more concentrated on the helper. Avoid the problem of your dog reacting poorly as you walk up to him in the guarding position.

Side Transport Training

To have excellence in a side transport, a handler needs to break it down into pieces. Here is how to start training and exact step by step techniques to teach your dog this exercise. Wow the crowd with an extremely good side transport.

Blinds Training

To start training blind search you need good obedience. How to teach the perfect blind search, one that is fast, direct-able and tight to the blinds. Be able to easily transfer your dog to different fields because he has obedience to the blinds.

Training The Gauntlet

You can do many great drills with the Gauntlet. Mark shows you how to use the gauntlet for things like fixing a slight bumping issue, making good strikes, increasing the dog's focus, and more.

Courage Test Part I

RUNAWAYS: The importance of runaways in both beginning and advanced training to maintain courage test integrity. How to make sure your dog does a fast and strong courage test.

Courage Test Part II

BACKUP RUNAWAYS: This video shows the next step in creating a masterful courage test in the trial. Avoid doing the real courage test over and over again and slowing your dog down. Do NOT slow up your long bite!

Courage Test Part III

IN AND OUTS: Maintaining your dog's courage test strength. How to allow the dog to see the attack build up without contact. Slowly build your dog up to have the strength and maturity to take on a real courage test.

Courage Test Part IV

ATTACKS: The final steps in courage test preparation. How you balance the last few steps in the courage test in a safe and controlled manner. Do not jeopardize your dog's confidence!

Coming Over The Sleeve

Teaching the dog to come over the sleeve is another technique for keeping the dog in the right drive. We aren't just training "booty dogs" - i.e. prey drive. The strategy here is balanced drives. Video details how helper and handler work together.

Bark and Hold Part I

ACTIVE VS. REACTIVE: In-depth explanation of this crucial cornerstone in schutzhund protection training. This extremely important concept must be understood and maintained by all trainers throughout a dog's career.

Bark and Hold Part II

SOUND AND RHYTHM: Video details strong versus weak guarding. How to develop the proper sound and rhythm in your dog. See great examples of defensive barking, prey barking and balanced barking. Train your ear to differentiate a dog's reactions so you can achieve the results you want.

Bark and Hold Part III

THE PUSH BACK: What is the very first step in starting the bark and hold once the bark and biting behavior is correct and strong? How is it done? Learn how to build drive and focus with this step-by-step instruction.

Bark and Hold Part IV

OUTSIDE THE BLIND: This video describes the introduction of the blind for the first time. Crucial tips so you do not create a problem with the blind. ALSO, learn how to use the PULL BACK for building strong and dominating bark and holds.

Bark and Hold Part V

PROOFING: How to bribe, stimulate and reward the dog to be correct in his bark and hold through distractions. How to proof on the post, outside the blind, in the gauntlet. It's crucial during the proofing stage never to loose the grip or the out. Simple but advanced techniques for teaching your dog to achieve a STUNNING bark and hold.

Bark and Hold Part VI

OUTSIDE THE BLIND: This video describes the introduction of the blind for the first time. Crucial tips so you do not create a problem with the blind. ALSO, learn how to use the PULL BACK for building strong and dominating bark and holds.


What Is Schutzhund?

What is Schutzhund? Why do we train with stick hits? How is a dogs character tested through obedience and applied pressure? Learn about balancing your dog's PREY drive with his DEFENSE drive to create the desired FIGHT drive.

10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train Schutzhund

How to build the foundation for excellent Schutzhund training AND how to get the most out of every training session with your dog. Learn how my EXACT training methods work so you can use them to keep your dog in top condition. eBook & audio

The Exact Order of Training Schutzhund
The answer to the question everybody is asking! How to create simple effective training sessions – in the exact order they need to be for maximum results. After discovering this eBook & audio you’ll simply kick yourself for not knowing this sooner.

2012 Trial Handling Guide

NEW! Do you want the most up to date insider tips about Trial Handling? Learn from my countless hours of trialing, judges feedback, and my knowledge and experience of the rules. Specifically spelled out how to be the master of the field. Who owns the field on trail day? YOU DO! eBook

175 Short, Fun Ways To Boost A Dog's Potential

Simply the fastest and easiest way to imprint the critical skills every dog should possess. Your perfect plan for imprinting social skills and maximizing your dog’s potential. Short, fun exercises you can do with your puppy or dog to get the most results for the least effort. Full length eBook & audio.

10 Most Common Training Mistakes

Increase YOUR confidence, stay one step ahead of your dog and trust your ability. Learn how to maintain good, strong work, what NOT to be afraid of, and the last second training trick you can do to enhance your dog’s bite. eBook & audio interview.

11 Little Know Secrets For Picking The Perfect Puppy

This is my complete list of easy tests you can use to choose the perfect puppy. How to evaluate a potential pup AND save time, money and frustration by making the right choice the first time. How to determine potential drive, nerves, speed, and train-ability of any dog. eBook & audio interview.

Mark's Pocket Pal

Are you and your dog at a standstill? Here is Mark's Pocket Pal to the rescue. Mark has put key phrases in a handy "pocket pal" to pop in your pocket. Print, cut, fold and voila - you have answers to your most common problems. Get this FREE with any order by simply adding it to your cart!