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From Professional Dog Trainer, Mark Chaffin
Re: Introducing “10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong, Schutzhund Dog

Last summer I did something that most Schutzhund trainers only dream of…

I not only saved the life of an unruly dog, but I totally turned him around in less than 15 minutes

Here’s what happened.

A wonderful lady came to my Schutzhund club with an out of control male rottweiler. She desperately needed a trainer-

  • with the ability to bring out THE BEST in her dog.
  • who was very SAFETY conscious.
  • that could train faster and better than anyone else she’d tried.

With this scenario at hand, and with over 30 years of experience, I asked myself “What I would need to do to save the life of this dog in just a few sessions?”  Like what if the only choices are for a person to get seriously hurt or the dog to die, unless I can turn this dog around – in 5 short SESSIONS?

This poor lady thought she had bought the perfect puppy.  He was smart and she loved him. She had spent a great deal of time training him.

She was a true dog lover, but she was starting to get scared.

The dog had no social skills.  He wasn’t quite going “Cujo”, but he would snap, he had hard eyes, and he jumped up on everybody.

He jumped up and hit one guy in the face and gave him a bloody nose. It was like being hit in the head with a 12 lb. bowling ball!

Her own veterinarian was terrified of him.  He had to be muzzled and drugged to go to the clinic.  She couldn’t really even train him anymore.  The situation was totally stressing his owner out!

She was starting to secretly wonder…WHAT HAD SHE DONE WRONG?

The lady couldn’t get it handled, and she didn’t have any other options. The normal methods just weren’t working for him.

She’d already wasted a lot of TIME AND MONEY. She desperately needed help turning her out-of-control, juvenile delinquent dog into an obedient, even-tempered, PREDICTABLE dog that both loved and respected her.

She finally called the breeder of the dog in despair, who suggested she come to me. So we got together… and I tested the dog.

  • He WAS dominant aggressive towards people.
  • He would lunge and snap at people if they got close or looked at him seriously.
  • He was like a teenager with some issues.  NOT FUN.

Here’s the thing –  With over 30 years of schutzhund and dog training experience, I thought I could save this dog in just a few sessions.

Here’s what I did. I went back to my system for quickly and clearly teaching a protection dog to be social and safe.  And in the next few minutes I am going to teach you exactly how I did it. Read on.


Look, I am no different than you, so doubt instantly crept in as I questioned whether I could really train this dog to be safe and obedient in just 5 sessions.

… Here’s where things got very interesting.

You see I wasn’t stuck in the normal rut armed only with the partial information and incomplete techniques most  other “trainer’s” teach.

I have real life experience.

I train strong dogs and do schutzhund every day and this is what I do.

I knew with all my experience that cookies, choke collars, clickers… would not work.

You know the list.  And because many trainers try to hide their use of corrections and say that their training is only encouragement and reward, it’s tough to get out of that rut…


The problem is I don’t have time to just hope it works – I need to imprint social skills in a matter of days.

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s just easier to “follow the leader” than it is to believe there’s someone out there who can show youwhat everyone else does behind the scenes.

After about 30 seconds I stopped and made a plan…I jogged my own experienced based memory and remembered…

What most trainers tell you to do does not work, because it just isn’t complete

I need to do something that I have “never” seen anyone teach. The typical techniques for turning a dog around from being stupid to being a nice dog just do not work.

I knew what I had to do.  I’ve spent over 30 years working problem and hard dogs – and the guru’s only do it behind the scenes.

I was about to prove that there is a system for teaching a strong dog excellent social skills that works every time.

The secret is that I was about to start talking to the dog in his language…and that means that I could -forget about begging him -forget about nagging him -and start talking to him in black and white. I was about to see this dog’s full potential. All I needed to do now was take action.

Remember by this time I needed to do it fast – the clock was ticking. Here’s how it worked.

HERE is the key to this whole system.

What I did was I started thinking outside the box. I started to think a few steps ahead of the dog I was working…and then I started using my strategy that eliminates the need for solely bribing and begging your dog and still allows you to use lavish praise

I did not use food. I did not use clickers. I did not use an electric collar with him, either.

The key to my system lies in the exact method I use with every dog to produce superior social skills AND excellent protection work.

And in my system I teach you the exact strategy and step-by-step techniques you can use to have a dog that is both social and safe AND has drive and enthusiasm for protection work…fast.

IMPORTANTeven if you have no idea how schutzhund works, the little secrets I teach you for training your dog will teach YOU to be a very skilled and capable dog owner yourself.

OK MARK, we get that this works…so just tell me exactly how to do it.

First let me ask this question…

If I could show you ten easy tips for solving ANY training problem, what would that do for your dog?

Would that help build confidence in both you and your dog? Would that give you, as an owner, an instant jumpstart?

The answer is YES, and I am happy to say that you are in luck. Why?

Because I just released a course called 10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong Schutzhund Dog that shows you exactly how to do just that.

Remember, I am not going to hide behind smoke & mirrors and intimate that rewards are the ONLY cornerstone of proper training (that would be lame).  Rewards are only ONE cornerstone of training.  This is the REAL DEAL and you can’t get your hands on this system anywhere else.

In this course, I teach you exactly how to duplicate my efforts so you can get results. The exact steps I take to train a dog for excellent social skills and excellent protection work are yours when you act right now.

If you get started now and go through the training and follow my system…I guarantee you will see results with your training and protection work that you have never experienced before.

No matter what dog you own.
No matter what your experience level.
No matter your success or failure in the past.

My brand new “10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong Schutzhund Dog” course WILL work for you.

Plus…don’t love it? Don’t pay! I am offering you a 30 day no questions asked hassle-free money-back guarantee. Try my system today and put these BRAND NEW techniques to work.

Fact is, I have taught hundreds of novice and average level handlers (500+) how to train for EXCELLENT social skills and protection using a variety of proven techniques. And, because I know this brand new course instantly FAST TRACKS everything you need to know about protection training…this course is going to sell out fast. The information is just that good and works that well.



If you are one of the next 175 lucky people to claim your copy of 10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong Schutzhund Dog, I am going to give you 4 bonus “Blueprints” for your success every step of the way…

…PLUS you’ll get to listen in on my private Top Schutzhund Training interviews to compliment your BRAND NEW 10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong Schutzhund Dog Course.

So here are the details.

“This product rates a 100 out of 100.  Great job!”
Stephany McFadzean, German Shepherd owner & Schutzhund enthusiast

10 Fast & Easy Ways To Train A Confident, Obedient, Strong Schutzhund Dog – A Dog That Could Possibly Save Your Life.
Format: Audio & 19 page Training Manual

In as little as the next 45 minutes you are going to discover how to build the foundation for excellent Schutzhund training AND how to get the most from every training session with your dog. Learn how my exact training methods work so YOU can use them to keep your dog in winning condition

These simple but profound strategies for working with your dog’s innate characteristics show you how to build trust AND produce results.

Module#1 – This module is the complete blueprint for training any dog, and overcoming any and all problems that might arise along the way to excellent social skills and protection work…you’ll have my exact step by step system. Using the information in this module will have you feeling like an experienced handler in no time at all.

Module #2 – The information in this module is the missing link for too many dog owners and trainers. The fact is, you are going to be able to predict from A to Z the exact scenarios you and your dog will go through in your training journey.
This teaches you my exact system of fast training for excellent work


Module #3 – The truth is, training a dog possibly capable of saving your life is a huge responsibility. You are going to learn techniques so secret that I have never seen them written down anywhere before. In this last module I am going to teach you how to accelerate your dog abilities with little known techniques that no one else teaches.

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BONUS #1 11 Little Known Secrets You Can Use To Help Guarantee You Choose The Perfect Puppy.
Format: 25 minute audio with 19 page detailed manual

This is my complete list of easy tests you can use to choose the perfect puppy.  Learn how to evaluate a potential pup and save time, money and frustration by making the right choice the first time.   This training teaches you how to determine potential drive, nerves, speed, and trainability of any dog.
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BONUS #2175 Super Short, Fun Ways For Imprinting Superior Social Skills And Boosting Your Dog’s Potential
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Simply the fastest and easiest way to imprint the critical skills every dog should possess. Your perfect plan for imprinting social skills and maximizing your dog’s potential.
“3 New Things A Day” gives you over 175 super short, fun exercises you can easily do with your puppy or dog to get the most for the least.
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BONUS #3The Exact Order Of Training A Dog For Schutzhund
Format: 45 minute audio with 32 page full color eBook

In this guide you discover the answer to the question everybody is asking. How to create simple effective training sessions – in the exact order they need to be for maximum results. After discovering this guide you’ll simply kick yourself for not knowing this sooner.

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BONUS #410 Most Common Training Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
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This manual will increase your confidence and success and by teaching you how to stay one step ahead of your dog and trust yourself and your ability.
Learn how to maintain good, strong work, what NOT to be afraid of, and the last second training trick you can do to enhance your dog’s bite work.

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Yes Mark.
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