The Exact Steps I Took On My Way To 450 Schutzhund Titles That Motivated My Dogs To Perform With Speed And Drive And How You Can Train The Same Way Too

I’m going to show you my STEP BY STEP training techniques for ALL THREE PHASES of our sport…and you’ll save time and money while teaching your dog exactly what you want him to do.

From Professional Dog Trainer, Mark Chaffin

RE: How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection – Step-By-Step Techniques

I get asked a lot, “Mark, if you were starting over, what would you learn first?”

The answer is …..I wish someone had given me a plan for all 3 phases of Schutzhund, so I could have figured out how they ALL work together.

Here’s the Problem Most Inexperienced Handlers Have – They Don’t Know…

  • How to AVOID common training mistakes.

  • How to determine good training from bad – saving time, frustration and money.

  • How tracking, obedience & protection work HAND IN GLOVE creating a truly well trained dog.

  • How to plan your training sessions (even if you never want to compete).

There is an actual FORMULA for working with your dog. It’s called “the exact order of training”. If you don’t know this or you’re not doing it correctly, this one little secret can completely turn things around for you.

There are no instant fixes. And I’m not going to make any outrageous promises. But what I WILL promise is that I will hold nothing back and I WILL show you EXACTLY how I’ve trained my dogs for over 30 years.

Here’s The Good News

Instead of smoke and mirrors and partial information, I show you exactly how to train your dog for maximum results. A lot of trainers intimate that their training is purely encouragements and rewards. What they show you isn’t wrong, the stuff they are showing you is correct, it is good training, and is a part of producing results……it’s just that that’s NOT all there is to it.

You are going to learn what everybody else uses behind the scenes, and I’m NOT going to lie to you, like some of the others who only show you one part of what it takes to train a competition dog.

Here’s What Happens When You Learn These Hidden Strategies For Teaching Your Dog Top Skills

It’s so important to everybody to realize that Schutzhund truly is Martial Arts For Dogs. The result of training is a dog with self-control, perseverance, integrity, responsibility and excellence.

Schutzhund enhances your dog’s discipline, critical thinking skills and creates better relationships with handlers and people. It improves impulse control and builds character. DOES IT GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT?

If you are ready to take a huge step forward towards successfully training your dog…

Then my powerful training program is for you. It’s refreshing, it’s different and best of all IT WORKS.

When you invest in How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection today, I am going to give you…


You’ll get nearly $300 in brand new Schutzhund training material including audio and eBooks when you invest today…

The Dumbbell Retrieve eBook alone is worth your entire investment in How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of Some of the Information You’ll Find On Training The Dumbbell Retrieve…

These easy to follow, step-by-step courses normally sell for up to $97 each, but today if you choose just one, I’ll give you the other three absolutely FREE!

Why? Because I know that without them you may not be successful and that would be a shame since you’re SO CLOSE…

“I’ve had several dogs that Mark has trained the retrieve on, and we’ve always gotten in competition great comments from the judges on our nice, fast retrieves out and back.”
Nancy Brigham

More Step-By-Step Training Content Than You’ll Find At An Expensive Private Seminar

If you cart yourself and your dog off to one of those fancy guru seminars…you’ll likely pay $2K-$5k plus travel expenses…

And then what?

You’ll get a patchwork of ideas…walk away with NO true system to follow

That’s not me. You’re only going to be getting the best obedience, tracking and protection training around. I promise you the training in this course will not be outmatched.


Mark is the most fair and knowledgeable trainer I know. It is very inspiring that his personal connection, his drive and his love for the dogs comes across – no matter what the medium. Mary K. Pueblo, CO

As a Rottweiler owner I have started implementing your recommendations and am getting the results I have always wanted. I have a “sharp” dog and I use your every day to understand what my dog is thinking. Sue T. Littleton, CO

My Doberman has totally changed his attitude, is more responsive and calm than he has ever been before. I can finally address the issues my wife and I have struggled with for 10 years. I’m very happy and grateful. Douglas P., Naperville, IL

Great, useful information. To me, it’s worth much more than it’s being sold for. My dogs and I thank you. Chris W., Twin Falls, MN

It’s really simple, just pick the one training that you would like to get for just $47, and I’ll send you INSTANT ACCESS to it and ALL the other trainings plus the Tracking Journal as a FREE Bonus.  Almost $300 worth of my very best trainings and tools FOR ONLY $47.  You save $241.

Here are your choices…(Actually, it’s not even a choice because by investing in just one – at $47!! – you get the others for FREE!)

How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection – Step By Step Techniques

Course Descriptions:

Training #1 – Master the Art of the Dumbbell Retrieve
Format: 45 page eBook complete with detailed photos and diagrams

Right now there are only a handful of trainers who can teach you to train your dog a FAST, determined dumbbell retrieve…and it’s almost half the points in the Test!

If you want to take advantage of this newly released,  step-by-step guide to teaching your dog to have integrity and drive in his dumbbell retrieve…this training is a must have.

In this training I reveal the exact techniques for creating drive, a proven system for problem SOLVING, easy tips for setting training goals, and a step-by-step action plan in full color photos.

There are many detailed pictures in the training guide, but don’t let that intimidate you. It’s been designed by someone who has helped literally thousands of novice owners and dogs become competition level handlers.

Value $97

Training #2 – Basic Dog Obedience Program
Format: 45 minute audio with 24 page Obedience Presentation

The ability I have to read and train any dog, from easy to difficult, because of the knowledge in this guide. In this training I am going to personally teach you obedience techniques that are broken down into understandable pieces so that you can re-create the lessons at home.

You’ll easily be able to compare and contrast the right and wrong way of doing things and learn the difference between correct and incorrect training. You’ll finally be able to stop worrying that you’re ruining your dog.

PLUS you will learn the #1 method for finishing any training session that builds confidence and imprints speed, AND enhances the bond between you and your dog. You’ll learn to lavish praise when your dog’s in the all-important safe zone. All of this is information you can use to train your dog, maintain his skills and be more successful.

Value $47

Training #3 – Secrets To Superior Protection And Bite Work
Format: Audio and Training Manual

When you see an exciting high point protection routine people ask over and over “How can I do THAT?” I’m going to take the mystery out of putting it all together.

The problem that most Schutzhund handlers run into when it comes to creating excellent protection and bite work is in teaching the wrong thing first. There are consequences to doing too stifling of an exercise at the wrong time. It’s not that you mean to stifle your dog; it’s that you didn’t know.

This training program teaches you to avoid the most common mistakes Schutzhund handlers make in this area. Use my simple, at home teaching and reinforcing techniques for creating and maintaining the protection drive you want.

Value $97

Training #4 – Professional Tracking Journal
Format: Hand Held Journal

The Professional Tracking Journal is the exact tool that the experts use to save time, get organized and get maximum results from your tracking training.

It’s like having a personal mentor with you out in the field guiding you.. Just follow the step-by-step tips for setting up every tracking session based on the progress of your last session, and manage your timelines, preparation and your entire tracking for excellence training.

Value $47


You Get It All For Just $47!

(Nearly $300 Worth Of Training)


You just invest in one of these training sessions at just $47 and I’ll give you INSTANT ACCESS to ALL of it as a FREE Bonus. That’s almost $300 of my best trainings for only $47You save $241!


  • Master the Art of the Dumbbell Retrieve RETAIL $97 INCLUDED
  • Basic Dog Obedience Program RETAIL $47 INCLUDED
  • Secrets To Superior Protection And Bite Work  $97 INCLUDED
  • Professional Tracking Journal  $47 INCLUDED



OUR one time offer for all 4 trainings w/ INSTANT ACCESS Just $47

You save $241

It’s CRAZY to give this much away…I might take this offer down at any moment...

…But, for now it’s there and you can take action now…but you must hurry and be one of the next serious dog owners and trainers to claim your copy of How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protectiontoday.


TRUTH: The only remaining question…after my Bold Claims, and my Bonus Training Extras is…Do you really want How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection…

…AND will you invest in yourself and your dog today?

Yes Mark.
I Want “How To Train For Excellence In Obedience, Tracking and Protection” Today For Just $47