Mark Chaffin has been in the sport of Schutzhund for over 30 years and titled his first dog in 1978.  He is training director of High Plains SchH Club in Colorado, which started in June of 1990 and is a full member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.

Mark’s club is a highly successful and competitive schutzhund training club that believes in training all three phases of the sport.  High Plains has club members that travel as far as 8 hours ONE WAY! – to train with Mark.  Club members have moved from Maryland and Nebraska to be in High Plains SchH Club.

Our style is similar to martial arts.  High Plains has every level of dog from pet to serious competition dogs.  We are not cookie trainers or clicker trainers.

Our physical address is:
34187  Cimarron Trail
Elizabeth, CO 80107
Direct phone – 303-646-4646

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